About Us

"ANIMABUILD" Ltd. has a construction supervision license No. PC-0663/14/11/2016.
for carrying out activities under Art. 166, para. 1, item 1 of the Spatial Development Act (SPA).

The team and partners of ANIMABUILD Ltd. have over 25 years of experience in the entire construction process and WE OFFER to our clients:
• Geological studies;
• Preparation of a detailed plan (detailed plan);
• RDP (regional development plan);
• BRP (building and regulation plan);
• Consultancy for designer selection and assistance in drafting project ideas;
• Project evaluation in technical and financial terms;
• Budget preparation;
• Complex design;
• Turnkey construction of industrial, administrative and residential buildings;
• Implementation of infrastructure projects;
• Complete renovation and reconstruction of existing buildings;
• Warranty and post-warranty service;
• Change of land use;
• Design studies for building;
• Working together with the design team;
• Evaluation of the compliance of investment projects;
• Consultations and assistance for the issuance of a building permit.
Construction consultancy:
• Selection and preparation of tender documentation for construction;
• Selection and specification of the input materials depending on the specificity of the particular construction;
• Exercise of construction supervision;
• Performing investors control in the execution of the construction and preparation of reports, protocols and opinions on the state of construction.

Consultancy services for the commissioning of the site:
• Assistance and communication with control bodies;
• Preparation of Final Reports;
• Preparing the site for a reception committee and putting the construction into operation;
• Preparing a final building account and a list of comments to the builder, affecting the commissioning of the site;
• Assistance in selling and changing the use of existing commercial areas;
• Preparation and Management of investment projects financed by European funds;
• Initial consultation;
• Preparation of an Application Form;
• Budget preparation;
• Assistance for input of the prepared project;
• Consultancy for investment in Real Estate;
• Real Estate management.